Planting machines

Planting machineMaximum
plant height
Plant depthMinimum
planting distance in the row
Minimum row distance
Single frameTandem frame
PE7035 cm5-15 cm5 cm45 cm22.5 cm
PE70AB20 cm5-15 cm5 cm45 cmx
PE8045 cm5-20 cm5 cm45 cm22.5 cm
PE10050 cm10-20 cm5 cm30 cmx
PE100R50 cm10-20 cm15 cm55 cmx
PE12070 cm10-20 cm5 cm50 cmx

Disc planting machine PE70

Intended for planting fruit and vegetable crops and young trees.

Leek planter PE70AB

For planting leek plants, both bare-root and plugs and similar plants.

Disc planter PE80

Suitable for planting narrow plants such as young trees and forest and hedge planting.

Disc planter PE100

Intended for planting tall, narrow plants, such as forest and hedge plants, fruit trees and rootstocks.

Disc planter PE100R

Suitable for planting branched plants, such as conifers and Christmas trees.

Disc planter PE120

Suitable for planting taller narrow plants, such as forest and hedge plants.

Silage planting machine BPK

Intended for ensiling various tree nursery products.

Soil-block planter BPP\G

Carried planting machine for planting press pots from 38 - 50 mm.

Soil-block planter BPP\Z

Self-propelled planting machine for planting press pots of 38 - 50 mm in the greenhouse.

Accord planting machine BPA

Suitable for loose plants from 6 to 20 cm and small press pots.