Disc planter PE120

Disc planter BPD\PE120

This disc planter is suitable for planting taller narrow plants, such as forest and hedge plants.

Operating procedure

The furrow opener makes an appropriate furrow. Plant is inserted by hand at a mark between the plant discs. The plant discs insert the plant into the furrow and release the plant into the furrow. The furrow is firmly pressed by the pressing wheels.

General specifications

Diameter of the plant discs1200 mm
Maximum plant height above the ground60 cm
Minimum row distance50 cm
Planting depth10-20 cm
Plant spacing in the rowfrom 5 cm
Capacity1000-2500 plants per person per hour


  • Various furrow openers
  • Furrow scrapers
  • Scraper discs
  • Plant rack(s)
  • Crate rack(s)
  • Support wheels
  • Track markers
  • Rotary furrower
  • Coulter discs
  • Slotted discs
  • Rippers
  • Electric plant distance control
  • Canopy

Common configurations


Number of rows3
Row distance45 cm
Weight1600 kg
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirement90 hp
Hydraulics1 (single) acting valve, 20 l/min