In truck and tractor pulling, the aim is to pull a tow truck as far forward as possible. The further the tow truck is pulled, the more power it requires. For this sport, Basrijs developed its own tow truck in 2000, called the Hyproslee. During the development of this hydraulically programmable tow truck, much attention was paid to the safety of the sport. For example, this tow truck has no mechanical brake weight, but the brake weight is hydraulically transferred to the tow foot(s). In emergencies, the tow truck can be put on the ground completely in one go, and all brake pins are then pushed to the ground.

The tow truck

The Hyprosleigh has two towing feet. The front foot is fitted with one wheel axle and the rear one with two wheel axles. The front foot is pivotally attached to the rear foot, allowing the tow vehicle to track and steer properly when reversing. All wheel axles can be pushed down, lifting the tow feet. The tow truck operates hydraulically and is electrically controlled. The trailer has an unladen weight of 12 tonnes. Of this, 11 tonnes can be used as weight on the towing feet.

The adjustment of the tow truck can be changed in the following ways:

  • The starting pressure of the trailing feet
  • The pressure of the 8 pressure stages of the trailing feet
  • Whether or not to lift the wheel axles
  • The number of ballast weights (maximum 7 weights of 1200 kg)
  • Using or not using brake pins 
  • The positions of the pressure traps, wheel axle lift and brake pin sets
  • Number and depth of fixed pins in the rear drag foot
  • The height of the tightening point of the chain at the trolley
  • The length of the pull chain


This tow truck is rented out for truck and tractorpulling competitions.
A scraper/tire roller/sprayer combination is also rented with the tow truck and a weighbridge if required.