Leek planter PE70AB

Leek planter BPS\PE70AB

This planting machine is suitable for planting leek plants, both bare-root and plug plants and similar plants.

Operating procedure

The planting coulter creates a suitable planting trench. The plant is placed manually on the supply belt, which brings the plant between the plant discs. The plant discs bring the plant into the plant trench and then release it into it. The trench is then immediately closed by the pressure wheels.

General specifications

Diameter of the plant discs700 mm
Minimum row distance50 cm
Plant spacing in the row 8 - 11 cm
Planting depth12 cm in a 5 cm trench
Capacity2000-3000 st per person per hour


  • Various furrow openers
  • Feed belt with different carrier spacing
  • Plant rack(s)
  • Crate rack(s)
  • Support wheels
  • Track markers
  • Rippers
  • Canopy

Common configurations


Number of rows3
Row distance60 cm
Weight900 kg
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirement80 hp
Hydraulics1 (single) acting valve, 20 l/min


Number of rows5
Row distance60 cm
Weight1600 kg
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirement100 hp
Hydraulics1 (single) acting valve, 20 l/min