Hole puncher BGG

Hole puncher BGG

This hole puncher is intended for making plant holes in a foil-covered raised bed for strawberry cultivation in particular

Operating procedure

The hole puncher consists of a 3-point frame with a set of guide wheels at the front for proper back tracking. The frame is fitted with usually 2 free-running plant wheels with screwed-on plant shovels. These plant shovels make holes through the film.

General specifications

Narrow punch size30 x 120 mm
Size of medium punch50 x 150 mm
Dimensions punch large70 x 150 mm
Working speedup to approx. 3000 metres per hour


  • Depending on the plant size, different planting punches are available
  • Version for single-row system

Common configurations


Number of rows2
Row distancemaximum 550 mm
Weight100 kg
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirement30 hp