Soil-block planter BPP\G

Soil-block planter BPP\G

This mounted planting machine is suitable for planting soil-blocks from 38 - 50 mm.

Operating procedure

The compacting pots are placed on a conveyor belt by hand. These conveyor belts are used to move the compacting pots into the planting coulter.
Plants slide out of the plant coulter and are grounded. Plant elements are independently pendulum-mounted. The conveyors are driven at the bottom.

General specifications

Minimum row distance26.5 cm
Planting depth0 - 5 cm
Plant spacing in the row12 - 50 cm
Capacity3500-5000 plants per person per hour


  • Crate racks
  • Plant scoop

Common configurations


Number of rows4
Row distanceOuter rows, max 140 cm
Weight450 kg
Power requirement40 hp