Soil-block planter BPP\Z

Soil-block planter BPP\Z

This self-propelled planting machine is suitable for planting soil-blocks of 38 - 50 mm in the greenhouse.

Operating procedure

The compacting pots are placed on a conveyor belt by hand. These conveyor belts transport the compacted pots into the planting coulter.
Plants slide out of the plant coulter and are grounded. Plant elements are independently pendulum-mounted. The conveyors are driven at the bottom.
It is pulled forward by a hydraulic roller with wheels in the track on the outside. Behind, two driven wheels in the track. On the side are crate racks. At the rear of the machine is a powered caster wheel. This is used for lifting and manoeuvring the machine out of the ground.

General specifications

Minimum row distance25 cm
Planting depth0 - 5 cm
Plant spacing in the row12 - 50 cm
Capacity3500-5000 plants per person per hour


  • Crate racks
  • Plant scoop

Common configurations


Number of rows6
Row distance25 cm
Weight1100 kg
EngineHonda GX630
Motor power20 hp


Number of rows7
Row distance22 cm
Weight1500 kg
EngineKubota D722
Motor power18 hp