Row tiller BGF

Row tiller BGF

This row cultivator is designed for milling away mother plants when propagating strawberry plants.

Operating procedure

This row tiller consists of a frame with 2 or more tiller elements. A tiller element consists of a hydraulically driven tiller disc with a disc coulter on both sides. The disc coulters cut the runners. The tiller disc tills the mother plant into the ground. The tilling depth can be adjusted using the depth wheel at the rear

General specifications

Tiller width20 cm
Working speed5 km per hour


  • Double 3-point linkage, for coupling to the front or rear of the tractor

Common configurations


Track widthMaximum 1.60 m
Weight600 kg
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirement80 hp
Hydraulics1 (single-acting) pilot valve + return, 40 l/min