Punching machine BGP

Punching machine BGP

This punching machine is suitable for making planting holes in the ground to plant leeks, among other things.

Operating procedure

The PTO or hydraulically driven crankshaft makes a rotary movement. This causes the punch legs to rise and fall. At the end of the punch leg are the punch pins. These pins go into the ground, creating planting holes. With the height-adjustable roller, the punch hole depth can be determined. The planting distance in the row is determined by the speed of the crankshaft in combination with the driving speed.

General specifications

Distance in line8 to 30 cm
Maximum dibbing depth18 cm
Punch hole diameter3 cm
Working speed1200 metres per hour


  • Set of furrow ploughs
  • Various planting hole stamps
  • Track markers (manual or hydraulic)
  • Other number of rows and/or row spacing

Common configurations


Number of rows3 rows
Row distance37 to 50 cm, adjustable
Weight230 kg
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirement30 hp
PTO shaft540 rpm


Number of rows4 rows
Row distance75 cm
Weight300 kg
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirement40 hp
Hydraulics1 (single-acting) valve + return, 25 l/min


Number of rows5 rows
Row distance60 cm
Weight400 kg
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirement50 hp
PTO shaft540 rpm