Row fertilizer applicator BBN

Row fertilizer applicator BBN

This row fertiliser is suitable for various types of fertiliser (limestone, coated fertiliser, etc).

Operating procedure

The machine consists of a stainless steel fertiliser bucket with the desired number of spouts. This mounted on a wheel frame with injection or guide pipes. Under the fertiliser bucket are cam wheel units. These are driven by one of the wheels, so the dosing is always correct. One driven cam wheel unit per outlet, whose take-up width is centrally adjustable. It is also possible to adjust each cam wheel unit individually.

General specifications

Working speedup to approx. 7 km/hour
Dosage per outlet300 kg/ha


  • Fertiliser bucket can also be hydraulically driven if required.
  • Fertiliser buckets are also available separately.
  • Dividing cones for even distribution across the entire planting bed width.
  • Cambridge roller
  • Agitator for organic fertilisers

Common configurations


Stainless steel fertiliser bucket dimensions500 x 500 mm
Number of outlets2
Number of beds1
Content100 litres


Stainless steel fertiliser bucket dimensions1200 x 500 mm
Number of outlets4
Number of beds1
Content240 litres


Stainless steel fertiliser bucket dimensions2500 x 500 mm
Number of outlets6
Number of beds2
Content450 litres