Row fertilizer applicator BBG - Basrijs

Row fertilizer applicator BBG - Basrijs

This row fertiliser is suitable for various types of coarse fertiliser (granules, organic fertilisers, etc.).

Operating procedure

The machine consists of a stainless steel fertiliser bucket with the desired number of spouts. This mounted on a wheel frame with injection or guide pipes. Under the fertiliser bucket are dosing units. These are hydraulically driven. A volume controller can be used to set the dosing quantity.

General specifications

Working speedup to approx. 7 km/hour
Dosage per outlet300 kg/ha


  • Fertiliser buckets are also available separately.
  • Dividing cones for even distribution across the entire planting bed width.
  • Agitator for organic fertilisers

Common configurations


Stainless steel fertiliser bucket dimensions1250 x 1000 mm
Number of outlets2
Content580 litres
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Power requirementhp