Keulmac mower

Keulmac mower

This mower, of the haulm topper type, is ideally suited for cutting off leaves and tendrils for use in a waiting bed and propagation.

Operating procedure

The haulm topper is equipped with 4 pneumatic tyre wheels, the outer two of which follow in the tractor track. An automatic depth control controlled by two tandem units on the bed ensures the desired cutting height. The V-belt-driven rotors mow the plant.

General specifications

Minimum folding height3 cm
Maximum folding height43 cm
Capacity4000 metres per hour


  • Electric depth control
  • Front version

Common configurations


Rodebreite65 cm
Number of rotors3
Linkage3-Point linkage cat. 2
Weight540 kg
Power requirement50 hp
PTO shaft540 rpm
Hydraulics1 (single) acting valve, 20 l/min